Saturday, December 22, 2012


i feel like most stuff is "and" now. and i did this. and i saw this person. and i finished this and ate this and went here and, and, and. i am still writing on the poetry blog, and i start rehearsing for my next driftwood play on sunday, and i set up and hosted a pet food drive for the food bank, and i broke 2 christmas tree stands, so now i have a decorated tree leaning up against the wall, and the puppy got adopted to a great family in seattle, and i need to do some deep-cleaning at my house to get cat hair out of the most ridiculous places, and i took a second job as backup karaoke host, and then i got offered two more jobs (as a banker and as another karaoke host) neither of which i have time for, but the money would be nice, and, and, and! it's on and on, and i love it, but boy howdy, good luck keeping up with it all!
what a ride!

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